Welcome to Bitnation Banking and Financial Services.
ur job is to provide secure and high-quality banking services for virtual currencies at global level.

This is the only exchange for virtual currencies that does not require registration and KyC process.

However, gor larger transactions and amounts (25 000+ SEK / $3884 USD), you will be subject for KyC-process to ensure your ID.

Please read our terms of agreement before proceeding

SWIS-2-BTC (Or other listed virtual currencies)
Please select a currency below to deposit into your external account (your own electronic wallet).

If you do not have an external account, you can register a free at www.blockchain.info or ww.btc-e.com. [For ther currencies than Bitcoins.]

You can also download and install your own local electronic wallet - but because of the security risks, we do not recommend the use local wallets.

BitCurrency is a part of the Bitnation network and the monetary body of Bitnation Space Agency, a service provided by spacechain.org

By using our services, you help the agency to fund the space missions.
All profit from this site and the provided services is donated to space exploration.
All of our services are provided as non-profit.

OFFLINE (Orders will be processed the next day)

Deposits with Swish to Virtual Currencies are available only when an administrator is online.
Avrage time for deposit: 03-05 minutes.

Mon-Fri: 08.00 - 20.00
Sat: 10.00 - 02.00
Sun: 12.00 - 20.00

Bankwire Deposits:
All bankwire transactions are processed whitin 24 hrs.
International wire-transactions depends on country and bank. (24 hrs - 3-4 days)
EU-transactions are processed whithin 48 hrs.
Notice that bankwire transactions are halted on weekends and holidays.

Support Phone: 010-150 78 87 (International customers: +46-(0)10-150 78 87)
(Supportphone is open is usually open until 20.00 (19.00 GMT) - if you are number one in the queue for more than 10-15 minutes, then the support is closed for the night - please try again in the morning.)
Please use the contact-form instead of the support phone if it is not an emergency.
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BTC Prices
We monitor all transactions live because of the extra security-check due to the lack of KyC.

Using TOR is strictrly forbidden.
By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Here, you can deposit Bitcoins into your Bitcoin-account using the Swedish payment-system Swish or bankwire from any bank, anywhere in the world.

NOTICE: You need to register a user to use this service for transaction > 25 000 SEK.
Registration is for free.

Any deposit worth or over 25 000 SEK/day needs KyC-information. (Your ID)
You need to register a user and answer the KyC questions before we process your transaction.

Notice: We only use this information to prevent money laundering, fraud and financing of terrorism. We do NOT share this information for any other purposes and if we are forced by the lawenforcment agencies or court-order, we will simply delete your profile and transaction-history - rendering any disclosure of your information impossible.
Our database-server holding your information and transaction history is located at a secret location outside Sweden and the jurisdiction of Swedish authorities.
We do however report all illegal activities to law-enforcement authorities with full content of you telecom-data.
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Bitnation Banking & Financial Services
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